Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad means getting a high quality education, experimenting, learning a new culture and language, and having a global mindset. As you all know, professionals with experience and skills are needed by everyone. After graduation, it is possible to get an internship in the top companies in the world and get well-paid jobs. And you can have unforgettable impressions during your travels.

What services does the ISS Agency undertake?

The ISS Agency team provides the following services to customers: • Free consultation • Apostille service • Notarization of documents • Application filling service (for all state embassies) • Online queuing service (online interview appointment for all countries) • Consulting services • Translation service • Insurance service • Bank statement In addition, we will be in touch with you and support you from the time you are admitted to the time you are admitted.

Which countries does the ISS Agency cooperate with?

To date, the ISS Agency has cooperation agreements with more than 50 countries and more than 300 prestigious universities around the world. At present, our clients travel and study in developed countries such as the USA, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic, and have unforgettable impressions.